Philips SM40 legacy public address system
Overview of the Philips SM40 public address system
The Philips SM40 public address sound distribution system comprises a basic (starter) system with a range of optional Modules and Call Stations to suit your requirements, see our Philips SM40 parts list for detailed information about each part.

Philips SM40 Basic Starter System LBB 1350/30
The SM40 Basic (Starter) System LBB 1350/30 is the heart of the Philips SM40 Public Address Distribution Centre.

A 19 inch rack design with 10 card slots (5 free), the unit is supplied with a CPC Central Processor Card LBB 1352/30, CRC Control Relay Card LBB 1356/00, IPC Input Card LBB 1351/00, SGC Signal Generator Card LBB 1354/00 and MC Matrix Card LBB 1355/00 and a Display and Keyboard.

The Basic Distribution System is fed by a maximum of 3 Call Stations LBB 9567 (ordered separately) and is capable of controlling up to 8 amplifiers to feed a maximum of 8 loudspeaker zones. All the inputs of the circuit cards are protected against overvoltage and short circuiting. The unit has a self-monitoring system for internal faults.

Philips SM40 Extension Frame LBB 1360/30

An Extension Frame LBB 1360, is available when the quantity of cards required in an SM40 system exceeds the amount of space offered in this single rack frame. Each Extension frame allows expansion of the system by up to 10 circuit cards.

Philips SM40 Basic Surveillance System LBB 1370/30
In larger public address systems, which play a key role in alarm and evacuation it is vital that the correct functioning of a large number of amplifiers and loudspeakers can be verified. The SM40 Surveillance centre is designed to monitor the status of amplifiers, loudspeakers and cabling in large PA systems. On detection of an malfunction, error messages are generated automatically, giving the precise time and location of the fault. These messages can be relayed to the systems LCD or sent to an external printer, the messages can also be linked to external warning lamps or buzzers to alert maintenance staff.

All SM40 surveillance centres are built around the LBB 1370 Basic (starter) system, which is able to sequentially scan 8 test lines each containing up to 128 monitoring devices, receive errors from 2 external sources, activates several relay error sets and synchronises the real-time clock. The surveillance capacity can be increased with the addition of Extension Frames and appropriate cards.

Both the Basic and Surveillance systems can be combined with amplifiers from the SQ45 range to form a sophisticated Public Address.

See our Philips SM40 parts list for more information.

Philips SM40 main equipment:  
SM40 Basic distribution system LBB 1350/30
SM40 Extended distribution system LBB 1360/30
SM40 Basic surveillance system LBB 1370/30
Philips SQ40 and SQ45 power amplifiers
In addition, a range of Power amplifiers (see SQ40 and SQ45 power amplifiers) feed the loudspeakers located in geographical and/or functional zones where people must be reached with background music, announcements, pre-recorded messages and alarm signals.
Choice of inputs

The SM40 system can be fed by input signals from call stations, microphones, music sources and a built-in prerecorded messages card.

The routing of an input signal is started by pushing a Numeric Keypad key or Function Key on a Call Station, closing a built-in microphone switch or closing a contact of a remote detector device.

Maximum configuration
In a maximum configuration, the distribution centre can accept (via a 16 x 64 matrix) up to 16 audio inputs to feed up to 64 individual amplifier inputs, or (via a 32 x 32 matrix) up to 32 audio inputs to feed up to 32 amplifiers.

The basic system is expandable to a maximum of:
- 8 Input Cards,
- 32 Matrix Cards,
- 16 Control Relay Cards (128 make and break contacts).
- 16 Digital Message Cards,
- 8 Signal Generator Cards

Plus associated:
- Tone Control Cards,
- Automatic Volume Control Cards,
- Signal Processing Cards.

Background music can be supplied by a background music player or from a radio tuner, compact disc player,
cassette deck, etc..
The SM40 was designed for medium-large sized public address applications and many legacy systems are currently installed in public spaces like government buildings, recreational areas and ships.

While the Philips SM40 and its associated parts are no longer manufactured we do offer simple and cost effective Bosch solutions for users wishing to upgrade their SM40 system, see upgrading your SM40.
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